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Joe Rogan Cold Plunge


Searching for effective ways to combat muscle soreness and enhance workout recovery? Joe Rogan, the famed podcaster and UFC commentator, has become a vocal advocate for the benefits of cold plunges.

This blog will dive into Rogan’s chilly routine, unpacking the science behind why submerging yourself in frigid waters might be your key to inflammation reduction and improved health.

Get ready to chill out with insights that could transform your wellness regime!

Joe Rogan Cold Plunge Journey 

Joe Rogan’s journey with cold plunges began as a spark of curiosity — what started off as a personal experiment quickly evolved into a passionate endorsement for the chilling practice.

His embrace of this frigid routine showcases a remarkable transformation, where initial skepticism gave way to avid advocacy, making ice baths an integral part of his wellness regime.

Initial curiosity

Joe Rogan first started exploring cold therapy out of curiosity. He had heard about its benefits and decided to try it himself. Quickly, the ice baths became more than just a test; they turned into a teaching tool for him.

Cold plunges made him question everything he knew about recovery and discomfort. They were tough but rewarding. Rogan learned how enduring the chill could actually heat up his resilience and focus.

He often shares stories of stepping into the frigid water, feeling it bite at his skin, and then finding calm as he breathes deeply through the challenge. This experience with hypothermia taught him valuable lessons about mindset and determination.

As a result, Joe now strongly advocates for regular cold-water immersion as part of a healthy lifestyle routine.

Transition into advocacy

Rogan’s interest in cold water immersion grew into a passion that he now shares with millions. He talks about the tough challenge and how it makes him feel strong after. Rogan believes in the power of near-freezing dips to sharpen the mind and rejuvenate the body.

His personal victory stories inspire many to take on this invigorating practice.

He doesn’t just enjoy these icy plunges; Rogan is a vocal supporter, encouraging others to try them out. With his high-quality cold plunge systems, he shows people what real cold feels like.

It’s not just talk—Rogan walks the walk, diving into near-freezing waters regularly, setting an example for fans everywhere.

The Science Behind Rogan’s Cold Plunge Routine

Diving into the science that fuels Joe Rogan’s commitment to cold plunges, we uncover a realm where physiology and performance intersect. It’s not just about bracing against the chill; this practice taps into biological mechanisms—from precooling muscles for enhanced workouts to potentially elevating testosterone levels—promising more than just an invigorating experience.

Precooling workouts

Joe Rogan takes a cold plunge before hitting the gym. He believes this chills his body, getting him ready for a tough workout. This method is like precooling for runners. It helps them stay cool during their race.

A cold soak can make blood vessels dilate. This boosts blood flow to your muscles when you exercise. After chilling in the ice bath, Joe jumps into his workout full of energy.

Now let’s explore how this routine might kick up testosterone levels..

Boosting testosterone levels

After cooling down the muscles, another key benefit of cold plunges surfaces—testosterone gets a big lift. Studies link whole-body cryotherapy and hydrotherapy with higher testosterone levels.

This means that taking a dip in icy water might do more than just soothe your muscles—it could also rev up your hormone engine.

The jump in testosterone is great news for those looking to boost their energy and strength. Cold therapy, like the Wim Hof Method which combines cold exposure and deep breathing exercises, has shown impressive results.

It can lead to a decrease in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels and an increase in testosterone—an important marker for overall health in men. With regular cold plunges, you may feel more vigorous and see improvements in recovery times after workouts or injury.

Guest Appearances on Rogan’s Cold Plunge Sessions

Joe Rogan’s cold plunge conquests aren’t solitary dives; they’ve featured a roster of hard-hitting guests, each bringing their unique perspectives and experiences to the chilling challenge.

From neuroscientists to endurance athletes, these sessions delve into not just the icy waters but also deep conversations that explore the edges of human performance and potential.


Andrew Huberman dives deep into the science of cold plunges. As a neuroscientist, he’s been a guest on The JRE, sharing expert insights on how ice baths help with muscle soreness and recovery.

He explains why cold exposure is good for our bodies after intense workouts.

Fans of Joe Rogan may have seen Huberman discussing the Wim Hof method. This approach combines breathing and cold therapy to reduce swelling and improve health. Trust @hubermanlab to give you the lowdown on precooling muscles before exercise and using professional-grade plunge systems for best results.

Now let’s talk about another tough guest who plunged right in – @davidgoggins.


David Goggins took the plunge, literally, joining Joe Rogan in icy waters. They talked about how cold plunges can make you stronger, inside and out. Goggins is known for his tough mentality, and cold plunges are a part of his routine.

He believes they help with recovery and build resilience.

During their session together, Goggins shared stories of pushing through the discomfort of the cold. His experiences show that these icy baths do more than chill—they light a fire in your spirit to conquer challenges.

Like Rogan, he uses ice baths to fight inflammation and jump-start his body after intense workouts. Their discussions have inspired many to take on the cold plunge challenge themselves.


Rick Rubin, the legendary music producer, joined Joe Rogan for a cold plunge session. Fans knew something exciting would happen when these two met. Rubin shared his thoughts on how icy dips can clear the mind and revitalize the body.

He talked about how plunging into cold water has improved his own life.

During their time in the frigid waters, Rubin got real with Rogan. They discussed how facing discomfort can lead to growth. This wasn’t just a casual dip; it was an exchange of deep ideas between two thinkers.

Rubin’s appearance highlighted that cold plunges are more than a trend—they’re tools for mental and physical wellness embraced by people from all walks of life.

Key Takeaways

  • Joe Rogan started cold plunges out of curiosity and now strongly recommends them for health and recovery.
  • Cold therapy can precool musclesimprove blood flow, and potentially increase testosterone levels.
  • Guests like Andrew Huberman and David Goggins share insights on the benefits of cold plunges on Rogan’s platform.


Joe Rogan dives into cold water every day, showing us how to face the freeze. He turns the challenge into triumph, feeling victory after each plunge. Cold baths aren’t just a test; they teach resilience and offer real health perks.

Rogan’s ritual inspires many to take the icy leap for well-being. Dare to try it — your own cold plunge might be closer than you think!



1. What is the Joe Rogan cold plunge?

The Joe Rogan cold plunge is when you immerse yourself in ice-cold water, a technique popularized by podcaster Joe Rogan for health benefits.

2. How long should you stay in a cold plunge like Joe Rogan does?

Typically, people aim for one to five minutes in a cold plunge, just like what Joe Rogan recommends on his show.

3. Can anyone try the cold plunge method that Joe Rogan talks about?

Yes, most people can try it, but it’s always smart to check with a doctor first if you have health concerns or conditions.

4. Where do I start if I want to try doing a cold plunge at home á la Joe Rogan?

Starting small—like with cool showers—and gradually working your way up to colder temperatures is the key for beginners.

5. Are there any quick tips for making my first time trying the Joe Rogan-style cold plunge easier?

Breathing deeply and calmly can help your body adjust during your first experience with a chilly dunk inspired by Joe Rogan’s practice.

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