How Cold Is Cryotherapy?

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The Chilling Truth: How Cold Is Cryotherapy?

Discover the icy reality behind one of today’s most popular wellness treatments. Just how cold does cryotherapy get? Let’s delve into the chilly details and uncover what you can expect from stepping into a cryotherapy chamber.

What Exactly Is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a modern healing method that exposes the body to super cold temperatures for a brief time. Though it started in Japan in the 1970s for arthritis relief, it’s now used worldwide for various benefits, including reducing inflammation, managing pain, and boosting sports performance.

The Cold, Hard Science

Cryotherapy aims to quickly lower skin temperature to spark positive body reactions like blood vessel shrinkage, slower metabolism, and a slowdown in body functions. The intense cold hits skin sensors, which tell the brain to fight inflammation.

How Cold Are We Talking?

Cryotherapy chambers are where you’ll face the big freeze. They usually hit a bone-chilling -160°F to -230°F (-106°C to -146°C). At these extreme lows, your body kicks into survival mode, which is believed to help you heal and feel better.

Is Colder Always Better?

Some folks chase the coldest cryo sessions, thinking they’re more effective, but the jury’s still out on the perfect chill for health gains. Some users do report a more intense boost from temperatures on the frostier side.

Safety First: The Risks and Precautions

Keeping Cryo Cool and Safe

Cryotherapy can be safe for most, but it’s vital to avoid harm like frostbite or worse. Always listen to the experts and use equipment that’s up to snuff.

Who Should Steer Clear?

People with serious heart issues, high blood pressure, or expecting mothers should bypass cryotherapy. And those with Raynaud’s disease need to be extra careful because they’re more cold-sensitive.

Important Safety Tips

Always put safety first with cryotherapy. Talk with a medical professional before starting, especially if you have health conditions. Remember, the FDA hasn’t given the green light to any cryotherapy devices for medical use, so think of it as a wellness boost, not a cure.


The freezing appeal of cryotherapy comes with the hope of health perks. While the super low temperatures might seem scary, they provide a unique, invigorating experience that’s become a favorite for many. But always remember: proceed with caution and seek expert advice for a safe and beneficial cryo journey.

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